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Becoming a Client — General Information

Part of the GreatCPA® Difference is that I always very closely monitor my capacity to add new clients. I am different from most CPAs insomuch as I never take on more work that I can complete with an appropriate level of immediate, solutions-oriented responsiveness. My existing client base is always generally pretty close to my desired capacity, so I usually only have limited openings each year for new clients.  


For these reasons, I only add new clients between June 15th and September 15th of each year so that sufficient time can be allowed for planning, education (of both of us) and back-and-forth questioning that can occur in advance of each tax season. 


In short:  I only proactively add new clients the summer before next year’s busy season.


I make only one exception to the above rule:  Potential new clients that are a family member, very close friend, confidant or strong ally of an existing client can be accepted at other times (subject to capacity issues) when the relationship can be confirmed with the referring person.  Make sure to know who referred you when you call me at 804.359.1330 and reference them by name at the beginning of our conversation. 


I regret that because of capacity issues that unless you meet the one exception noted in the paragraph just-above, that I must ask that you please mark your calendar for just after June 15th and call me at 804.359.1330 so we can make sure that we have a match for next year. ​

I Only Add New Clients Between June 15th and September 15th of Each Year As Follows:


A big part of the GreatCPA® Difference is a close working relationship. I charge a flat $365 fee for an up-to-one hour in-person meeting to discuss the current year’s issues and to plan for the preparation of the current year’s return(s). This will be a non-stop, issues-oriented meeting. I ask that you bring 1-3 years of immediately-prior returns (bring your printed copies of the numbered and lettered schedules that comprise the actual Federal and State returns as-filed). 


Payment for the meeting is required on the day of the meeting by check, cash, or through Venmo.  


New Client meetings are scheduled by having a telephone conversation (please call 804.359.1330 during normal hours) to make sure we have a match and so that we can agree on a specific day and time.  I’ll also assign you some “homework” after we’ve discussed your individual needs.

As a new client, you will be added to the client database and considered an equal member of the existing client family and will receive the following benefits:

  • A Guaranteed spot for the next busy season’s preparation as a normal, ongoing client. We will agree on a general deadline for the receipt of information to prepare your returns.

  • 20% off (up to $365 in total) on any amended or prior year returns that we agree (during the meeting) need to be done, including a just-prior year return (if you haven’t filed yet).  Preparation fee quotation(s) given at the meeting.

  • Copy of the prior busy season’s year-end client letter and engagement letter that were issued to clients the prior January 1st.

  • Ability to have additional consulting hours at a $295/hour rate for more planning, meetings, preparation and assignments—whatever you need.

  • My personal cell-phone number

  • Ability to call (at no charge) with brief questions for the remainder of the year — existing clients are never billed for brief and infrequent telephone calls.

  • Upcoming busy season’s year-end letter issued next January 1st (on or about).​

If you've reviewed the above information and feel we have a match at the right time, please give me a call.

I ask that our initial contact to occur by telephone (804.359.1330) during normal business hours so that we can discuss your unique situation. Should you by chance reach my voicemail, almost all messages are returned within 90 minutes.… One of my cornerstone values is that I never leave the office for the day until all calls are returned. 

Call David B. Robinson, CPA at 804.359.1330
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