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Justin Laughter & Christopher Gatewood, Threshold Counsel, PC defend the trademark

The only GreatCPA® there is.

While there are plenty of great CPAs out there, David B. Robinson, CPA is the only person that is legally authorized in the United States to refer to themselves as a GreatCPA® … he is the brand! On July 12, 2016 after having secured and used the Virginia service mark "GreatCPA" since 1993, David was awarded the Registered Service Mark GreatCPA® by the United States of America Patent and Trademark Office (Registration Number 4,997,563). 


David knows that he has thrown down the gauntlet with this moniker of being "the only GreatCPA® there is," and he takes that into account with every single client relationship he undertakes. To make that representation is big. To try to live up to it is what he wakes up every day thinking about.

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